Whether you’re just starting thinking about creating your own unique wedding cake or are already at the stage of selecting wedding cake makers for the all important cake tasting, this quick and easy guide will hopefully help you picking the best cake flavours combination. If in doubt, you can always follow the ultimate tip below.

If you’d like to know more about what happens at your wedding cake tasting too, you can read this post.


Why is it important to choose flavour combination carefully

Choosing the right wedding cake flavours is one of the many details you’ll want to nail at your wedding, especially if you love your cakes. Whether you’re serving your cake as your dessert (see below) or in the evening, it’s one of the very special moments of your wedding day. Pick the right flavours and fillings and your guests will be wowed and talk about this for a long time, bringing a smile to their face each time. Food has this magical power, especially Patisserie, cake and chocolate, trust me.

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Think about what are you having for dessert

Providing your wedding cake is not your dessert (see point below if it is), keep in mind what you’ve chosen for pudding to avoid a lot of repetition in what you’re serving. For example if you’re serving a trio of lemon puddings, you might to stay clear of a lemon drizzle type recipe for your tiered wedding cake. And if you’ve selected a decadent warm chocolate fondant with a salted caramel sauce for dessert, you might want to opt for a combination of light and fruity cake flavours and fillings.

Mind you, if you are anything like me, you might also decide to go the other way and make your wedding a feast of chocolate after chocolate. Totally your choice of course.

If your wedding cake is your dessert

Think about how you might want to serve it. For a more formal or classic setting with a plated dessert, you might want to choose only 1 flavour throughout so all your guests have the same pudding. Then again, if you are going for more of a relaxed wedding with a cheeky or fun note, you might want to mix and match 2 or 3 flavours. This can encourage your guests to chat with each other at the table more, especially with people they don’t know very well, to decide which dessert flavour they want and swap plates with each other! (you could encourage this in your speech if you are having speeches before your dessert, or ask your Best Man or MC to explain this for you to your guests). It can be really fun.

If you’re choosing only 1 flavour, unless you know all your guests taste bud preferences really well, a lot of couples pick a classic choice that most people are likely to enjoy, like a light sponge with buttercream and jam or fresh fruits, or a lemon based sponge. If you opt for a chocolate cake, milk chocolate tends to be most popular and enjoyed by all.


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Keep your wedding date in mind when you are choosing your cake flavours

It’s important for 3 reasons:
Some ingredients might only be available (or at their natural peak, taste wise) at a certain time of the year. A vanilla sponge with a white chocolate mousse and sharp, constasting fresh raspberries can be totally dreamy. However your cake maker might have to swap them for frozen ones if you’re opting for a winter wedding.

Even if fresh ingredients are avalaible, especially fruits, out of season, they might not be just as tasty as they would be in summer or early autumn.

Couples often have their wedding cake tasting at the different time of the year that their wedding will be, so it’s worth thinking about this when you pick your sample flavours: A sunny day at the end of June, with Wimbledon tournament looming out, might make sure want to pick a strawberries and cream sponge sample…but if your wedding is in December you might want to rethink this – because strawberries can taste fairly flavourless at that time of the year even if you can source them.


What about wedding cake recipe fillings

When you’re looking at cake flavour ideas, make sure you ask your cake maker to explain the whole recipe to you, including the filling. You might also want to try the same style of cake with a different style of filling when you come for your wedding cake tasting. That way you can make sure you pick the combination you love best. You might like buttercream more than chocolate ganache (chocolate cream type filling). Or even with buttercream, you might like a light and flully meringue based buttercream better than its American cousin, made with butter mixed with icing sugar. Tasting a simple vanilla sponge with fresh fruit and a white chocolate ganache mousse against the same recipe with a meringue buttercream filling should help you decide which one you enjoy best.


Don’t forget what you really want!

Of course you’ll want to make sure all of your guests have a great time at your wedding. However don’t forget what you really want to have either. It is your special day. So if you particularly love peaches, make sure you pick a sponge cake based recipe with lots of fresh peaches through it – perhaps with a little strawberry jam and vanilla buttercream for the perfect Peach Melba wedding cake recipe; or if you really enjoy almond flavours, look for recipes that includes either almonds or Amaretto, which has a real almond flavour to it.


The unfailible cake flavour combination

By now you might know pretty much what you’d like for your wedding cake flavours. If you are still unsure, you can follow this sure tip to have a choice of flavours all of your guests are likely to enjoy:

1 traditional sponge cake + 1 citrus cake recipe + 1 quirky or chocolate cake

Your traditional flavour can be a simple and delicious Victoria Sponge ; For your cirtus flavour you could opt for one of the most popular cake recipe, a lemon drizzle (at Fairy HQ our version is called Lemon Zing and includes a lemon and creme fraiche tangy sponge, a lemon syrup, lemon meringue buttercream with fresh lemon zests and lemon curd!). Finally for your quirky or chocolate choice, there’s a lot of options. Red Velvet and Carrot cake have proved very popular over the recent years, as is a classic milk chocolate ganache sponge cake. Trending already for 2018 is a fun and more unusual Guinness and chocolate wedding cake. Finally….Fruit cake seeems to be making a bit of come back too.


One last tip – Let your guest know what flavours you’re serving

Whether you’ve decided to opt for a selection of wedding cake flavour to be served plated at the table, on your evening buffet or handed out in the room as evening nibbles, why not make and print mini cake menus so your guests can choose what they would like to taste best? Part of the pleasure of eating desserts and cakes is the sense of expecation that comes from reading the menu!

Do you have any questions or comment about this post? Has it been helpful to you? Let me know below.

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