EPISODE 2- I hate selling. Ironic when hubby’s a very successful sales trainer. Do understand, my brain reads “selling” as  “pushing a product and bothering people”. Can’t help it. I enjoy all other aspects of owning my own artisan business: Designing and sketching a new wedding or celebration cake; the production side, even when I am baking and decorating hundreds after hundreds of biscuits by hand for corporate orders; personal development; cleaning my kitchen ( I do – I’m odd like that); networking, meeting new people, tweeting; sharing what I have learnt with others in my cake decorating and chocolate classes. I don’t even mind doing my accounts. Just not…selling.

So here’s the deal – hubby (credit where credit is due) said to me recently, after I complained I was having a quieter work week:

“Why don’t you take samples to people looking after wedding venues you want to work with”

I did. I created “keep going” goodie bags, for local wedding and event venues, and event planners  (that is West Sussex, East Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey). Full of yummy Pudding Fairy treats to keep you going through the end of the peak season. I know from past experience as an event manager that it can be full on.

Off I went on a mini road trip. I drove through some of the most stunning part of Sussex (I might never leave West Sussex. Seriously. It would take something extraordinary. It’s SO beautiful down here). I got a great welcome everywhere.

In the first week I tried this, several of the venues I visited added me to their list of recommended suppliers

The feedback on my products was very kind, mostly positive or constructive (you can’t get it right 100% of the time). Continuing conversations about how to build a working partnership suddenly felt a lot more natural. At (nearly) no point did I feel I was selling. Gosh that made my day! Now I am not saying that it will always be that straight forward to pitch my business.

The point is, if you don’t like selling, then…don’t. Find another way.

As always, I’d love to know if my thoughts on growing Pudding Fairy help you grown your own business, or perhaps help you shape up an idea to start up a small business from home.  Hear your own tips and advice. Do get in touch with me by email at wishforacake@puddingfairy.co.uk or join the conversation on Twitter @lauremoyle.

A bientot!