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Chocolate beer barrel birthday cake by Pudding Fairy


Sussex based chocolate artist and cake maker Laure Moyle gets commissioned to make Ed Sheeran’s 27th birthday cake.

Pudding Fairy was recommended to a long time friend of the singer by one of Laure’s previous customers.

The cake design featured the singer wearing a HOAX tee-shirt, as well as one of his friend, around an “aged oak chocolate barrel” of his favourite beer.

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How one woman quit her career to become ‘The Pudding Fairy’, a professional baker

Has Bake Off inspired you to try your hand at something new?

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From behind-the-scenes streams to referral schemes, here are three ways to shout a bit louder about what you do.

Laure Moyle, founder of cake company, Pudding Fairy, has been making mini road trips to visit wedding and event venues in Sussex and Surrey to drop off samples.

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 Pudding Fairy founder Laure Moyle tells The Guardian why you should follow your dreams


Coming from France, Laure Moyle hated the fondant cakes that were popular in the UK – now customers seek her out because they like her style.


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Pudding Fairy wins at exhibition



Laure Moyle has taken first prize at the Squires Exhibition in Surrey, with her haute couture-inspired cake design. Click here for full story.