Don’t think…

this post is all about business gifts, goodie bag and corporate events because it’s not. Just keep reading a little, and you can hear about  this.

One of the sweetest stories…

I came across, to make your guests (friends/visitors) feel ever so special with just a little box.

Nikki and Adrian got married in Singapore. As Adrian studied in the UK and has many friends here, they also wanted to have a second wedding here. They chose one of the most romantic and iconic venues for their celebration: Goodwood House. Now, I was taken on a mini tour of Goodwood House a couple of years ago, when I became one of their preferred suppliers; so I could see where wedding cakes are normally set up, how to access the venue…I even got a sneak peek of the cellar and the storage rooms (we went to check the style and size of the cake stands which are available at Goodwood House). That felt quite special, like seeing the “coulisses” of an amazing show.

How about Goodwood House? The best way I can described it, is that I felt like like I had stepped back into the set of Pride and Prejudice.So much so that I was half expecting to see Mr Darcy cantering in from the park!  The yellow salon is breathtaking. The BallRoom equally. The height of the ceilings, the ornated finish, the huge French windows overlooking the front entrance, the park and the paddocks with the sheep grazing around. I could go on, but hopefully thefew snaps below will show you why better than my words.

Mais, Revenons plutot a nos moutons (the French equivalent for let go back on topic). Nikki and Adrian really wanted to wow their guests with

  A touch of traditional EnglandCountryside  in Summer

especially those travelling from abroad who might have been coming to England for the first time. She got in touch with me with a fantastic delicious wish:

Dear Laure, I would like to give each of our guests a welcome gift box on arrival at Goodwood House. I’d like the box to capture the essence of an English Garden.”

So I set off to work and came up with this bespoke box of sweet treats:

  • Cristallised English Lavender shortbread hearts (imprinted with their wedding date)
  • Earl Grey and Lemon Clotted Cream Fudge
  • Mini “Gin and lemon” cake sarnie
  • English mint and choc chips marshmallow flowers

Nikki had another wish, linked to her then to be husband’s business, dealing with free range eggs. She wanted this aspect of

their story weaved in

their welcome boxes too. So I added a bag of hand crafted white chocolate eggs, filled with a strawberries and cream ganache filling, and finished with speckled details. I created a little menu card explaining to each guest what their boxes contained (including all the ingredients and allergens that might be in. It’s a more down to earth but important detail not to be forgotten).

Presentation wise, I wanted both themes above to be well featured too. I sourced these floral design ballotin boxes, and metres of apple green light organza ribbon. I also added a “hay” mattress at the bottom of each box.


Custom gift boxes  are a fantastic way to add your own personal touch to any event

whether is is indeed a corporate event, an exhibition, an product launch, an award night or a VIP hamper treat. But often enough, people might think they are really more part of the corporate world.

I hope this story will have convinced you otherwise. Whether you are looking for welcome boxes, farewell gifts, wedding favours….Any occasion you want to make more memorable really. I always think that if you start with your story, and create a bespoke idea around it, add care, creativity and deliciousness, you are bound to end up with something rather magic and wow people.

If you have an event in mind and yould like a free custom gift box proposal, do get in touch. You can email me or use this quick contact form to get in touch.