How about a 365 days challenge about everyday happiness…

an entirely bonkers challenge for happy dreams by Pudding Fairy

If you caught my Instagram story  today (apologies if you are reading this in the future), you might have already heard me rambling on my latest idea…..Going public with Three Best Things for happy dreams. I really really hope you’ll join me in this slightly mad adventure. Today is my day 1, so I have only got another 364 to go!

Why this new (slightly bonkers) challenge

As I was preparing for a guest speaking talk on turning your passion into your business (a brilliant series of events called 9 percent – the passion project of Georgina Burrows from The Great Events Company) I thought about what makes working around what you are passionate about so special: It makes you so happy. Even after a meh day. I have found it’s much easier to bounce back and get back on track after something doesn’t go to plans (which happens) when you love what you do. I work (and live) to be happy, share happiness (delicious happiness in the case of Pudding Fairy) and create happiness (with chocolate and cakes) around me. The 3 Best Things challenge is just an extension of this.

How it started

Every night since they have been old enough to talk, we’ve ended the day with the kids asking them about their 3 best things for happy dreams. I came up with the idea (which I am sure is not a new one….) to get the kids to say out loud 3 things that made them happy just before falling asleep, to help having happy dreams. Mainly because i think it’s easy to end your day thinking it was all completely rubbish, when really it’s rarely the case (there are exceptions of course). Sometimes the 3 best things are big and exciting and easy to think about. Sometimes you need to think harder and find little things, little pockets of happy times in an otherwise not that great day. C’est la vie. And on those days, telling yourself or someone your three best things is perhaps even more important to see the good of the day.

pudding fairy instagram first post on three best things

What it’s all about

After having done this same with the kids for years, I thought, why not try to get lots of grown ups to do this too. It might work (I really hope so, it would be so awesome). It might not. Hence why this is under my “random thoughts” category! we’ll see.

How you can join in

3 best things for happy dreams first post of my new challenge

Simply post a daily picture of your day that illustrate one of your best moments, list your three best things and add the hashtag #3bestthings.

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What your three best things can be about


  • It might be about something you’ve achieved at work, a little attention that touched you from someone.
  • It might be ticking something that’s been nagging your To Do List for a while (like updating my chocolate and cake decorating classes and retreat page on day one for me)
  • It might about making it to the gym, clocking a run or actually putting your feet up for mre than 5 minutes.
  • It could be about leaving your phone alone for a whole day (digital detox here we come).
  • It could be about having stuck to your resolution of saying yes to everything (well, you get it. Not everything, but generally saying yes to new projects, ideas, invites…..even if they feel a little out of your comfort zone for any reason)

Whatever you feel are your best bits of the day, the 3 things that will lead you to happy dreams and keep a smile on your face if you fall asleep repeating them in your head.

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EXTRA THOUGHT……By the way, when I prepared for guest speaking I scrapped my first presentation as it was super practical but very very dull as a talk. It was about the 32 tools and apps that are free or low cost that you could switch to, to biuld your own business smarter and cheaper. Before binning it, I did turn it into a little handy e-book . Switching to those tools saved me over £1000 in cost per year and 10h of work per month. I figured out it might be helpful to others. Feel free to download it.

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