I bet you have a busy life. On top of this you are organising a special event.

I can assure you I haven’t lost my mind writing this post. A blog post basically giving you reasons why you might not want to order a bespoke cake from me. Hopefully it will save you time.

You’d like to save time, right?

I bet you have a busy life. Maybe a family, kids, school runs, a house to keep relatively tidy. Maybe not. Perhapsyou have pet(s). Maybe you work, full time, part time, for yourself, volunteering…Then there’s hobbies, staying fit, friends, parties, a car to MOT, travelling and a long to do list.

When you are busy, you don’t want to spend time talking to the wrong people

Now on top of this you are organising a very special event. So the last thing you need is to spend time talking to the wrong cake maker.

Here are 3 reasons why I might not be the right cake maker for you:

You want a cake covered in fondant icing

Not for me I am afraid.For a start I find it too sweet personally and not particularly tasty. I also prefer to make your cake with French inspired patisserie recipes. Those often marry rich decadent textures like chocolate ganache, praliné hazelnut paste, creme mousseline (a rich custard buttercream), with pillowy light genoese sponges, dacquoise (gluten free) meringue base sponges; fruit bavarois made from a super light sabayon mousse lightly set and flavoured with fresh fruit purees….A lot of those recipes give very light textures, not suitable to support kilos of fondant icing on top. They would collaspe effectively.

Instead, I can suggest to finish your cake with buttercream, chocolate (in many, many forms from crisp shards to dainty hand piped lace or colourful chocolate leaves) or marzipan. But not fondant icing. There are many talented cake makers who can help you if that’s the kind of cake you are after, and I’ll be more than happy to recommend local businesses I know and can vouch for. Just drop me a line at wishforacake@puddingfairy.co.uk

marzipan celebration cake with a butcher theme

Check your budget

The cakes I create generally start around £3.00 per portion for a cake for 30-40 people. Why?

  • Your creation is bespoke. Creating and adjusting your design to your exact wishes takes time.
  • I only use top ingredients. I won’t compromise on the quality of the ingredients as I know it will affect the taste of your cake.
  • I also  spend time with you on the phone for you to tell me about your event, your story, what you’d like, where it’s happening, how long you’ll need your cake or treats to be out for. Whether they need to be travel proof. I’ll give you suggestions and tips. I cater for vegetarians, vegans, dairy, gluten and egg intolerances, for which I have tested recipes I know work and taste great. I’ll share my knowledge of other suppliers, set up, timings, storage, and anything else I can help you with. I’ll source bespoke boxes, labels, ribbons, cake stands (sometimes I even make them for a commission). I’ll liaise with your other suppliers about stagging and setting up your creation in the best possible way.
  • Smaller cakes also tend to be a little more expensive per portion. Why? There a minimum amount of baking and cake decorating time, and setting up to make a cake. Even for a really small cake. As there are less portions to divide the total cake by, it makes the price per portion higher. I hope that makes sense.
  • I’ll paint you a personalised watercolour sketch of your cake so you see exactly what it will be like, and you can start getting excited about it.
  • I’ll deliver it personally

Time the most costly factor in creating a bespoke patisserie or chocolate order. My prices are fair, however I appreciate it might not be the budget you have in mind. Again, if that’s the case, feel free to ask me for recommendations of other people who might be able to help you.

You want me to copy someone else’s design as an exact replica

I wouldn’t do this because it’s someone else’s design. I am more than happy to take inspiration from pictures you might have saved from Pinterest or other social media platforms, but not to copy one. Simply because I wouldn’t want anyone to do this to me either. Plus your cake needs to be unique for your event in my view, so it can’t be exactly the same as another cake that’s been made already for someone else.

That said, there are also some great reasons why I could be the perfect cake maker for you. We can find out in a quick phone call or email – so just get in touch. Whether it is for your birthday, wedding, anniversary, christening, leaving do, corporate exhibition, product launch, team building day or employee reward.Yes I do all this – anything that makes magical and delicious wishes come true. You can even read what customers think of their past creations and experiences HERE.