Single tier wedding cakes: practical ideas, Pretty wonderful designs

When you’re planning your wedding, every aspect of it can take so many options, it’s no wonder that organising your wedding can take so much of your time (and why couples turn to wedding planners for help-but that’sfor another time).  When it comes to your cake, you might want to explore the idea of single tier wedding cakes instead of a tiered cake design. Here’s a summary of the pros and cons I hope you find useful:

single tier wedding cakes sketch by Pudding Fairy for a countryside wedding in Sussex

Why should you choose single tier cakes at your wedding

There are many advantages:

They are more flexible to set up

If you are having a relaxed countryside wedding or a festival style wedding, you can create a gorgeous cake table using single tiered cakes, much more than with a tiered alternative.

Would you like a design idea for a cake table? I can create your bespoke sketch like the one above. Just get in touch.

They are easy to travel with

if you are organising a DIY wedding and planning for you or someone in your family to pick up the cakes for you. You can simply stack your cakes, in their boxes, in your boot or a large cooler box and you’re off.

They are brilliant for small and intimate weddings with less guests

One of the most frequent concerns couples share with me are about wasting some of their wedding cake if it’s too big. With single tier cakes you can cater for any number of guests from just 12.

They can often help you save money on your wedding

Because there is no need for your cake maker  to work on structual aspects to make sure your cake stays perfectly upright, the cost of your cake can be less than a tiered cake. OR you can use the savings to create a more intricate design.

How much do single tier wedding cakes cost

Depending on your recipe, design and finish, the cake of your cost can vary but I’d say a good rule of thumb is between £3 and £8 per portion. It’s a wide range of course but the smaller the cake, the less your cake maker can absorb the minimum amount of work they need to do to make your dream cake, if they are an artisan cake maker. There is an economy of scale on larger cakes unless you are talkign to  large bakery with a big production volume daily.

Keep in mind one thing: If you want a single tier cake delivered, the cost of the delivery might appear a lot compare to the cost of the cake. For example, if your tiered cake is £75, the delivery might be £40. It’s a question worth asking your cake maker before you comit to ordering. But then, because it’s a single tier cake or cakes, you can more easily pick it up.

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One tier wedding cake design ideas

The sky is the limit when it comes to creating a style that suits your event and your personality with single tier cakes. From romantic wavy buttercream to chic and elegant block colours, dramatic textured chocolate ganache and metallic gold or silver coating to all an all white elegant display, you can have whatever you want. Check out my Pinterest board of single tier wedding cakes for more design ideas, and don’t forget that half of the visual impact might comes from the presentation props you use, in particular your choice of wedding cake stand to give a smaller cake the illusion of being taller.

Decorating cakes with fresh flowers

Fresh flowers can be beautiful on a cake. Especially organic edible ones you can serve to your guests with their slice of cake. There are however important points you should consider before adding fresh flowers to your cake. In particular how it might affect how long you can display your cake, the design overall effect and more.

FREE GUIDE: 5 key point to check before using fresh flowers on wedding cake

What style of wedding cake are you thinking of having? Would you opt for single tier cakes or not? Leave me a comment with any questions you have