Cake decorating and chocolate art classes

It’s time to Escape (to cake School)!

Find classes for beginners, advanced bakers and cake lovers.

Lots of fun. Lots of cake decorating ideas. Lots of chocolate magic and quite a lot of tasting too.

Time for a little timeout. Time to learn. Time for “I can’t believe I just made that”. Time to take time.

Why you will love Pudding Fairy Cake School classes


At a Pudding Fairy class, you will:

  • Learn new skills to take your cake decorating or chocolate work to the next level (from absolute beginner to advanced projects)
  • Be in a small group  (generally 6 to 10 people) so I can spend all the time needed to help you achieve perfect results
  • Taste delicious samples – whether it’s chocolate or a selection of cake bites, or both
  • Catch up with your best friend, relative or other half – a lot of students come with a friend as it makes the experience even more fun
  • Detox from digital – I encourage everyone to put their phones on Airplane mode. That way you can still take pictures or videos but you can really focus on some “me time”, without distractions from calls, texts or other pings.
  • Share stories around cakes, chocolate, baking and what’s happening in the cake world.
  • Take home all your gorgeous and delicious creation to show off and share with your friends or family
  • Maybe even speak a little French along the way! Voila 🙂


What’s different about how I teach cake decorating classes?

Keep it simple  – I’m pretty much self taught in Patisserie and cake decorating. In 4 years, I have gone from absolute beginner to being asked to create anything from chocolate Death Star, hand crafted guineapigs cake toppers or giant chocolate vegetable crate cakes. I don’t use fancy Patisserie words. I break down all the processes in simple steps, the way I learned them.

Tips and tricks of the trade – Whether you decide to make a special celebration cake or tiered wedding cake, make home made chocolate gifts that will totally wow your friends, or simply……turn a shop bought pud or a bowl of ice cream into a dessert with extra “Va Va Voom”, you’ll pick up ideas and techniques you can use in lots and lots of different ways.

No specialist equipment – All my projects are designed with no specialist equipment. That way you can go home and practice your new cake and chocolate skills without having to spend time or money ordering specialist items. The place you are most likely to need to go shopping at is your local DIY store. You’ll be AMAZED how many hacks you can create with things like a tile grouter, a wallpaper stripping knife or a metre of plastic guttering.

Pick my brain anytime – You know when you try to make something at home again after a class and suddenly think “i can’t remember how we made that”. That’s ok. Just ask me again. You can choose to message me on Facebook, on Instagram, send me a tweet, contact me though the website or email me. The choice is yours.


How can you get a free place at our cake decorating classes?

It’s really simple. Get 5 people to book a space at the same class and you’ll receive 1 place free. All they need to do is mention your name when they book their space. You can do this as many times as you want, as long as it’s with new friends, clients, colleagues or family members.

It’s a great way to save a little on a Hen Do or a family treat.

You can either split the saving of the free place amongst you (since you’re only booking 5 spaces and getting 6), or if you refer some of your customers or colleagues for a class, you can book yourself on a different class if you prefer.

Your free place is valid for 12 months.

Click here to request the latest class program for 2018-2019

What’s the right class for me?

Here are a couple of blog posts that you might find useful:

So you’re going on a cake decorating class – 10 points check list to make the most of it

13 points to check you’ve picked the right cake decorating class for you

If you are still not sure, contact me and I’ll recommend the best class for you.

Cake School Class prices

10-to-2 classes and evening party at home – £60.00 per person (remember that if 5 of you book together you will get an extra space for free too).

Chocolate Art Day – £159.00 per person (this is a very indulging experience, in a magical venue surrounded by 42 acres of woodlands.It includes a delicious French lunch, a glass of Kir royal champagne cocktail and you taking home a fully decadent and opulently decorated 8 inch round chocolate cake that will feed 12-16 generously)

Corporate workshops – 3, 6 and 12 months programs available. Please contact us for more information.

Any other questions…

Email Laure, Chief Fairy, at .



That’s I love the most. Sharing what I have learned, the mistakes I have made (oh yes), the solutions and tips and shortcuts I have found, with you so you believe you can do it, and go home with your own amazing creations and a big smile on your face. That’s what a Pudding Fairy class or a retreat is all about.