You can totally make and decorate your own wedding cake. Or entrust a member of your family or a friend to do it. Personally I think it can be a great idea. Especially if you are trying to save money on your wedding, or like the idea of a home made wedding cake. There are a few sticky points I’d check first however, to help you plan your cake like a pro and ensure it’s a roaring success.

6 top tips for a great DIY wedding cake

Stick to trusted recipes

If you make your own wedding cake, It’s likely to be much bigger quantities than your usual celebration cake. After all you are likely to need a cake for 100 people plus. This will affect your “making” time (trust me on this, it takes a lot longer to cream 12 eggs and 660g of butter than your base recipe for a Victoria Sponge in an 8in round tin). Your baking times are also likely to need adjusting (the bigger the cake, the longer you need to bake it, and the lower the temperature). With those factors already influencing the success  of your DIY operation, the last thing you need is to experiment with a brand new recipe at the same time. Not only it might prove stressful, but if it doesn’t work perfectly first time round and you’ve just made a big batch for a big cake tin, you might be wasting a lot of ingredients and money.

If you are going to have recipes you have not made before, plan to trial them on small size sponges first.

Hire everything well in advance

Some equipment like large cake tins and cake stands might get booked a long time in advance, especially if you are using a local cake equipment hire supplier. So the earlier the better. As soon as you have a ate for your wedding, source and reserve:

  • All your tins (if necessary- not everyone has cake tins of 10, 12 or even 14 inch round size in their kitchen. Plenty of places hire them, from Cakes for All reasons locally in Storrington, to branches of Lakeland).
  • Your cake stand – whether make, hire or purchase it
  • Your boards, boxes, dowels and other specialise equipment you may need
  • Your silicon moulds – especially if you are ordering them from abroad as delivery times can be several weeks

Give yourself plenty of time

  • To calculate how much ingredients you need and shop for them
  • To make all your sponges, let them cool and “sit” for half a day (it will make them easier to cut and fill and work with)
  • To stack and level your tiers
  • To decorate and finish your creation
  • To deliver and assemble your cake

Rehearse the finishing touches and decorations on paper or with dummy cakes

That way you can .see how they will look and what size they need to be to be in proportion with the cake. It’s so helpful to do this, especially with polysterene dummy cakes if you can (or makeshift cardboard ones). Having a 3 dimensional model of the cake you are going to make will enable you to create the right size and amount of edible flowers for example, whether they are sugarpaste, marzipan or modelling chocolate. You can also see how tall and wide your cake will be if it needs chilling and check you have the right size fridge for it. Including the boards!

Sketching your cake design before making it will help you have a beautiful result

Take a DIY wedding cake class

There are plenty of classeswith a brilliant reputation available in the UK: From Squires School in Farnham to a lot of the cake designers in London, not forgetting the amazing Emily Hankins in Devon. I trained with Emily earlier on this year: I had a great time and learnt so much. Emily is a brilliant teacher to learnto hand paint on cakes.

You might also be interestesd in a specific DIY wedding cake class. I looked at this for you. I couldn’t find one.

Not one specifically geared up to help DIY brides and grooms. A class all about creating a simple but elegant tiered cake you can finish in lots of ways. So I have decided to set one up. It’s happening at the most whimsical and gorgeous venue in West Sussex. My “Very Fabuleuse” day class will take away a lot of the potential stress and wondering about getting your wedding cake right. In my true “franglais” style, your day includes a delicious French style lunch and a glass of Kir Royal!

You could even book it to double as your Hen Do if you are thinking of asking one or several of your bridesmaids to make your cake for you! (in this case, if the dates I have set up don’t work for you, how about making it happen at your house, on the date you’ve saved from your Hen week end? Voila!) . Anyway, you can read more about the how the class will run and what you will learn HERE.

There are 12 spaces in total.

Lean on your florist (not literally)

There are many ways to use fresh, dried, pressed or crystallised flowers to create beautiful finishes for a wedding cake. Ask your florist to recommend and prepare fresh flowers for you. It’s important you check none of the flowers, stems or leaves and foliage you want to use are toxic, as they will be touching your cake.

Ultimately, if you are going to make your own cake, unless you or the person(s) making it is an accomplished cake maker, I’d recommend to keep it simple. You want to make sure that making your own cake is a fun part of your wedding planning and memories 🙂