A collection of "Very Fabuleuses" chocolate and cake decorating classes and retreats - for everyone....

Come and enjoy a very special day, whatever level of baking, chocolate work or cake decorating you have.

Contact me for more details or to book your space

> MINI CLASSES – 10am to 2pm on week days, to fit within the school run!

> CHOCOLATE ART & CAKE DECORATING RETREAT DAY – Unplug (litterally, as I kindly ask everyone to put their phones on airplane mode!), slow down and learn lots of new skills.  Head home (with a decadent cake art you’ve created) feeling relaxed and ready to get back into life’s arena.

> BOOST AND GROW BOOTCAMP  FOR SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS – This is a longer day (9am until 6pm) followed by a 10 weeks series of practical tips and tasks email challenge. This day will also be ran in conjunction with one or 2 business service specialists who can share more tips and ideas with you to help you make your business a reality if you are thinking of launching, or a bigger success without big bucks spending if you are already trading.

> HAPPY TEAMS CORPORATE PROGRAMS – 90 minutes mini workshops programs around chocolat and cake decorating, at your offices. Available in Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey and London (3 or 12 months programs).

Chocolate Art Cake Decorating Full Day Retreat

A totally relaxing and fun day where you’ll learn lots of chocolate techniques and take home your delicious, opulently decorated 8 inch round celebration chocolate cake. Include a delicious French style lunch, a glass of Kir Royal, all equipment and ingredients you’ll need on the day. 1 full day (10am – 5pm).

What you’ll learn

  • Making and trouble shooting chocolate ganache (and what it is)- including tips for dairy free ganache
  • Creating decorations made out of printed chocolate (you’ll be making your own) – Perfect to create beautiful home made presents for your friends and family too
  • Making your own modern “brush strokes” chocolate decorations
  • Stacking, levelling and finishing a chocolate cake with a straight edge, modern ganache finish (demo)
  • How to plan your cake design on paper to achieve different styles
  • How to make beautiful chocolate flowers and foliage
  • How to bling chocolate with lustres and shimmer powders

NEXT CLASS DATE:  9th February 2019

Day retreat is £159.00 per person – OR Joint booking £299.00 –  Email to book

Chocolate Art and Cake Decorating Mini Classes

 All classes are £59.00 each per person – including all your equipment, ingredients, soft drinks, delicious sample nibbles and a bag to takeaway your creations. Bring Your Own Lunch format. Maximum 8 students per class.

2018 dates

12th October – Floral piping buttercream on mini cakes (autumn theme) – Email to book

19th October – Chocolate modelling paste roses and foliage on mini cakes (autumn theme) – Email to book

2nd November – Christmas hand made chocolate gifts (truffles, mendiants, chocolate printing with Christmas patterns) – Email to book

3rd November – Floral piping buttercream on mini cakes (poinsettas and festive wreaths) –Email to book

23rd November – Chocolate painting (Festive items)- Email to book

2019 dates:

25th January – Chocolate painting and shimmer effects (Pony lollies and horse shoes) – Email to book

26th January – Hand made chocolate treats collection (spring theme) – Email to book

8th February – Make your own Chocolate giant love letter! + Cutomised giant chocolate heart (great technique for decorating cakes too) – Email to book

9th February – Ombre effect buttercream cakes and buttercream textures – Email to book

Boost and Grow your business Boot Camp

New for 2019 !

Step back from your day to day business. Think, learn, grow new ideas and boost your business objective by bouncing your thoughts, challenges and tips with like minded small business owners as well as specialist business experts.

Your day will be structured in 4 mini sessions – 2 around learning something new with chocolate, 2 around brainstorming business points. You’ll leave with your delicious chocolate provisions to further boost your willpower, as well as a follow up series of email challenges to help you action the learnings from the day and grow your business up.

We’ll also treat you to a delicious French style lunch (included in your Boot Camp) and a glass of Kir Royal. All equipment and ingredients you’ll need on the day. 1 full day (10am – 5pm).

What you’ll learn


  • Making and trouble shooting chocolate ganache (and what it is)- including tips for dairy free ganache
  • Make chocolate truffles with different flavours and finish styles


Business brainstorming 1 (content will be tailored to attendees, based on a questionnaire ahead of the BootCamp)



Business brainstorming 2 (content will be tailored to attendees, based on a questionnaire ahead of the BootCamp)


  • Using chocolate modelling paste to create wonderful decorations
  • Make your own edible mini vegetable garden cake (this one might not grow with water and sun!)


NEXT BOOTCAMP DATE:  9th February 2019 -<ahref=”mailto:wishforacake@puddingfairy.co.uk> Email to book


Wellness at work mini workshop programs

Businesses are developing more ways to look after their employees wellbeing, from lunch time fitness classes, yoga, running clubs to craft based activities aiming at learning something new whilst breaking up from long days behind a desk, digital overload or fast paced environments.

Pudding Fairy offers 90-120 minutes mini workshops programs centered around chocolate art and cake decorating at your workplace.
You can try a 3 months taster program or book a full 12 months program for your teams. Teams don’t have to be the same at each session. Workshops are for 12-20 people and fully customisable to your venue, faccilities and needs. I can also create a “mix and match” craft program, alterning chocolate art sessions with other types of craft based workshops such as macramé for example.

What makes Pudding Fairy classes and retreats so special?

“I felt so relaxed at the end of my day retreat at Two Woods with Laure”
“I didn’t believe I could make professional looking chocolate decorations like Laure showed us at the start of the day, but I did!”
“Lunch was so delicious and for a day, I forgot about everything else and focused on me”

Those are some of the comments I have received from my guests and students at last year’s classes and retreats.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time will the classes start and finish at? – Chocolate Art Cake Decorating Day Retreat- run from 10am until 4:30 pm. Chocolate Painting mini classes last 2 hours. Timings varied for each class. please refer to each individual class foor start and end times. Bespoke Experiences are tailored to your needs. They can run from 90 minutes to a full day.

How many people do you allow per class? – Generally I only have up to 12 people per classes for the retreat days. For the mini classes at the moment I take 8 people per class. For coporate workshops and business owner bootcamps again I tend to limit to 12 people per session.

Is lunch included? – Your Chocolate Art Cake Decorating Day Retreat includes a delicious cold French lunch and a glass of Kir Royal (my favourite aperetif) as well as soft drinks, tea and coffee. Chocolate Painting mini classes include tea/coffee/soft drinks. For Bespoke Experiences I can organise catering for you too, through a network of great local suppliers.

Do I need to bring anything? – All equipment and ingredients are included. You might want to bring your favourite apron and a notepad.

Not sure about it? – If you are not sure whether my Very Fabuleuses classes are for you, I’ve written a blog post specifically on that point. You might want to read it HERE. If you are still unsure, just drop me a line by email or give me a call on 07766 188219 and we can chat about it. I want each person coming to a class to have a brilliant time, so I’ll tell you after our chat which class I think you’d enjoy most.

What level of baking/cake decorating do I need to have to attend? – All my classes are suitable for ALL levels.

Will I need to buy lots of specialist equipment to recreate what I have learnt at home? – Not at all. The aim of my classes are to show you fantastic chocolate decorating techniques you can achieve with your everyday kitchen equipment. You might decide to invest in a few handy accessories: I’ll give you a short list of 10 most useful items and handy suppliers details for those.

Where do the classes run? – The Chocolate Art Cake Decorating Day Retreats run from a gorgeous local venue in the countryside in West Sussex, with beautiful grounds you can explore at lunch time if the weather is nice enough. It might be handy to bring a pair of wellies or walking boots though if you fancy a stroll. The Chocolate Painting mini classes currently run from Fairy HQ. Bespoke experiences can be tailored to run at your office, house or venue of your choice

Any other questions? Get in touch by email or call Laure on 07766 188219.