Are you having an intimate wedding, celebration or an exclusive business event, where you still want that wow factor when you come to cut the cake, blow your candles or unveil big news? Or maybe you do want a really big cake, but you’re worried some of it might go to waste? You might think it’s a tricky point, but actually, there are a lot of clever solutions you can use to make your wedding or celebration cake look taller than it is  (even for a dessert table), with our professional tips.

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How to make your cake look taller with height illusion tricks

Tips to make your wedding cake look taller than it is | By Pudding Fairy

Here’s a list of 5 handy tricks of the trade you can use. I know, because..I use them too for my customers.

But first,

Why would you want to add heigh to your wedding or celebration cake?

You’re having a small event but still want an impressive cake

Not every wedding or celebration is one with hundreds of guests. Actually I am seeing more and more enquiries from people having a smaller, intimate event. At the same time, you still want that wow factor. So how do you make the best of both these elements? Read on….

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You’re using a venue with impressive rooms and tall ceilings

When someone calls me enquiring about a celebration or wedding cake, I always ask them where the event is happening. If I haven’t been before, I will make an appointment and visit that venue. That way I can picture the cake in the room you’ll be using, and send you the most relevant tips and suggestions for your cake to make sure it stands proud and doesn’t look lost. Venues with tall ceilings, historical features, life size paintings (like Cowdray House or Goodwood House where I both deliver cakes) are breath-taking but “demand” a cake with more attitude.

You’re tall

OR /and your other half/colleagues/business partner is (if it’s an event that involves more than you for the big cake moment). Add to this that you might be wearing heels. What has that got to do with the price of fish? If you have a cake that’s too small, and people are taking pictures, I’d say that the crouching over the cake is not the most glamorous look. It’s a small detail but it’s important. So…

How can you check that the cake size you have in mind will work?

There’s 1 really easy way to visually check the height and overall size of your cake – and that’s using dummy tiers. Dummy tiers are cake size and shape blocks of polystyrene that you can stack up to give you a mock up version of your cake. They are a really quick way to visualise how your cake will look in the room you are using.

Once you’ve done that, if you feel that you need to add extra “va va voom” to your cake, here’s are some tips you can use on their own of combined for an even bigger wow effect:

5 clever tips on how to make your cake look taller

Using fake tiers

those polystyrene tiers I just mention. You can use 1,2,3 or more underneath your actual cake, to “prop” it up. Those tiers get finished and decorated like your cake, so no one will see the difference. And that way you could have a 7 or 8 tiers cake for an event with just 50 people if you want. With no cake wastage. (which I know is a point a lot of people wonder and worry about.).

Using cake separators

With the same polystyrene tiers, rather than adding stacked ones underneath your cake, you can insert them in between your cake tiers. In this instance you normally use a diameter that’s slightly smaller than your actual cake, to let your cake shine and provide extra height. Those separators can be finished in a style similar to your cake, or in a contrasting finish (gold/silver/metallic accents). They can also be “hidden” under fresh or sugarpaste flowers. If you are having a 4 tier cake for example, you can add 10 -12 inches of extra height to it with separators.

Adding height with the right cake stand

People can be a little surprised when I ask them what cake stand they are using, when we first chat over the phone or over their wedding cake tasting. Cake stands are important as they can add a lot of extra height to your finished cake. Whether you opt for stacked log slices for a woodland theme wedding cake, an elegant plain porcelain stand with a tall central foot, wine crates, stacked up upcycled stand boxes made out of old pallet wood… can quickly add extra height and “staging” presence to your cake that way. You can also swap the more traditional cake table for a wine barrel to stand your cake on. Wine barrel are typically higher than cake tables, so that can do the trick nicely. Just check the size of your cake board in this case: I think a cake looks a lot more elegant if it fits inside the rim of the barrel personally (which is about 18 inches).

Make wedding cakes extra tall with right cake stand and cake topper

Cowdray House Wedding for Gini and Marc by Devlin Photos

Adding height with a cake topper

That’s possibly the quickest, easier and least expensive way to make your cake look taller. Look for a tall cake topper like those personalised wooden signs [LINK], super tall initials or have your own one made.

Suspend your cake

The ultimate illusion – Rather than having your cake presented on a table or a barrel, have it suspended from a gazebo like structure. All you’ve got let to do is get your cake maker and your florist to work together to dress the structural support. To be honest the impact of this presentation is so breath-taking that, even if you have a quite small cake, it will look incredibly magical and impressive staged like that. I appreciate this solution might not be in everyone’s budget (you’ll need to hire the structure on top of having the cake made), but wow, what an entrance.

Ultimately, your cake maker will be able to guide you and recommend the right height, size and solution for your cake to be the perfect centrepiece for your event. Read more: How big your wedding cake should be.

How can I help?

Are you sure about what your cake should be like size wise?

Whether you just want a second opinion on the size you have in mind, haven’t got any idea, or have any question on a cake matter, pop them in a commend below. If you prefer you can also ask your question on our Facebook Page or Tweet me with the hashtag #AskLaure at the end of your question. I’ll give you as much feedback and tips as I know.

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