Pudding Fairy cake menu

What would you like your cake or treats to make your guests say….


“Oh my goodness, it’s like the sponge cake I used to have at my granny when I was little”

“Our cake reminded us of our holiday in Italy, where we got engaged. It was perfect!”

“We absolutely, totally adore chocolate. It’s just heaven to have tiers after tiers of different chocolate recipes”

“Your Red Velvet sponge and cream cheese filling takes me right back to New York where I spent a lot a time. Love it!”

“It’s like stepping inside an English Country Garden. Delicious!”

Whether you want your cake or gift boxes to remind you of an specific event, a period of your life, a place you love a lot, just tell me your story and your wish and I’ll make it happen. Until then….have a read of my cake menu (can I just warn you to perhaps not do thi just before lunch, when you are feeling hungry!)

You can read it and download it through the link below.

Cake Menu Pudding Fairy 2017